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Aston Martin

Aston Martin on a ride

Aston Martin - side view

Aston Martin back view

Aston Martin dashboard

Aston Martin side view

With streets full of about 32 million cars, which was never necessary for a car, the attention is guaranteed design. This skill has been in the United Kingdom for the Aston Martin, the perfect evidence. The company, the iconic cars like the DB5 and the DB9 was created, said the best brand in the UK for the fifth time in six years. The poll also voted the company as the coolest brand of motor in British society.

The survey was conducted by a well known site that works primarily on leaders in innovation, style, originality and relevance to be found. More than 10,000 runners are in the survey, which was then in 1500 with the help of 36 judges registered revised.

The perception of cold Aston Martin DB5 began with the vehicle of choice for the secret agent James Bond film Goldfinger in the soft thunder and Goldeneye. The films have a relationship with the brand since then Mr. Bono, to go to the V8 Vantage and DBS in the latest movies. The original vehicle was specially modified for the film Goldfinger, with pop-out guns behind the front indicators, a shield ball behind the rear window and a triple front hub phone number is suppressed. The actual vehicle was sold at auction in 2010 for £ 2.6 million in car collector Harry Yeaggy.

Innovation must reach this success has been achieved, and the company now offers a fleet of vehicles of all kinds, and the prestige of leaching. Ranging from the challenging "Fast", DB9 and DBS, the cruelty of the powerful "Vantage".

The company has worked to his reputation with two new vehicles, "V12 Zagato", a 6-liter V12 produces 510 horsepower, and the beautiful "One-77", a limited production of 77 vehicles by the hand of each manufactured keep More should cost a million pounds, with a powerful 750 hp V12 engine. Frankfurt Motor Show, the company was a new vehicle, a surprising number of DBS to unveil carbon.

Aston Martin has recently penetrated into the small car market with the introduction of the "Cygnet". The four-seat sedan offers all the luxury you would expect with an Aston Martin, but small enough for the genius of the busy city streets. The cars were so popular, he says there is a long waiting list that the company is struggling to meet demand


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