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Honda Accord Hybrid

The works Honda Accord Hybrid with Variable Cylinder Management, which means that you put three of its six cylinders to save fuel and time. This technology will also be seen in the Odyssey minivan from Honda. Through the hybrid, the Honda Accord for all classified 24-37 miles per gallon by model year and road conditions. The average is currently at 29 mpg

USA Today has the new 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid as the "best hybrid yet." Sales were high and the car is quickly becoming one of the best-selling hybrids available. Unfortunately for Honda Motor Company, which disappeared as quickly as they appeared exuberance.

In 2007, turnover has slowed and buyers are more willing to pay the premium of $ 3000 and the Agreement itself to the hybrid four-cylinder gasoline than conventional gas. The two cars looked the same, and to add features like a sunroof and an additional four inches (making the car hard enough t get the miles the next weight class test) has about the same mileage. At the same time, the benefits of fuel economy and image of the "green" more for other hybrids available. called the Honda Accord Hybrid 2006 "Trash", because although it was at-PZEV (Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) was estimated, the consumption also similar to the standard four-cylinder vehicles.


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