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Nissan Juke SV 2011

Turbocharged direct injected 1-4 engine.
It has 1.6 liters  of displacement.
6 speed of manuall transmission type.
electric power stearing.
17 inch aluminium alloywheels.
It has disk brack type.
5 door body style and 4 passenger accomodations.

This vehicle has intergrated controll system and rear privacy glass. Different is this car has power sliding moonroof. Also the stearing wheel include a stereo control system with it. Safty six air bags and anti locks. Tyre pressor monitoring system. XM satellite radio is the best qualyty of the sound.Power outlet is 12DC volts.


Fiat 500 - 2011

The engine capacity is 1.4 liters with multiair I-4.
Speed goes to 101 hp @ 6500 rpm.
5 speed manual transmission type.
front wheel drive.
30/ 38/ 33 EPA fuel economy.
2-door a-segment hatchback body style.
Space for 4 passengers seats.
Antilock disc brackes with four-wheel.
Aluminium wheel with size 16 inch.
Power locks and remote keyless entry.
Power shutters.
Headlight halogen projector.
Exterior mirrors with power heaters.
Tire pressor monitoring system.
This car is comfortable with sport suspension. Also rear window defroster with window wiper. Driver seat can adjust to the height of the person who drive the vehicle.It has a bose premium audio system. Also tire service repaire kit.


This vehicle include power sunroof. And a automatic temperature controller. It has safty and sound package.

Honda Accord Hybrid

The works Honda Accord Hybrid with Variable Cylinder Management, which means that you put three of its six cylinders to save fuel and time. This technology will also be seen in the Odyssey minivan from Honda. Through the hybrid, the Honda Accord for all classified 24-37 miles per gallon by model year and road conditions. The average is currently at 29 mpg

USA Today has the new 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid as the "best hybrid yet." Sales were high and the car is quickly becoming one of the best-selling hybrids available. Unfortunately for Honda Motor Company, which disappeared as quickly as they appeared exuberance.

In 2007, turnover has slowed and buyers are more willing to pay the premium of $ 3000 and the Agreement itself to the hybrid four-cylinder gasoline than conventional gas. The two cars looked the same, and to add features like a sunroof and an additional four inches (making the car hard enough t get the miles the next weight class test) has about the same mileage. At the same time, the benefits of fuel economy and image of the "green" more for other hybrids available. called the Honda Accord Hybrid 2006 "Trash", because although it was at-PZEV (Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) was estimated, the consumption also similar to the standard four-cylinder vehicles.

Toyota Hybrids

Toyota in the hybrid market strong in 2012 with the popularity of hybrids. Soon you will see five new hybrid model will be launched on our roads in 2012.

In 2012, two years after memory loss, should the child be known as Toyota in the automotive industry. Toyota's hybrid is a harmony between nature, man and machine to create. Respect the environment ...

Today is leaving the big buzz on the new Toyota hybrid plans, the production.

Sources indicate that Toyota has come up with four additional hybrid Toyota and Lexus luxury models.

Toyota Sienna Hybrid - This is the first minivan to the hybrid version of Toyota and families, the green ones for a long time, ask a family-oriented hybrid vehicles more spacious.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid - The hybrid Toyota RAV4 is to be the first hybrid SUV crossover in a family. Your mileage somewhere in the mid to high 30 range.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid - Toyota had originally European and Asian markets account for this model. A mini-Hybrid for a much lower cost.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid - Hybrid Corolla was the car that makes hybrid vehicles into the mainstream of his road. It could also be gas-electric hybrid technology is in the hearts of car buyers, so Toyota is in the crowd.

Lexus hybrid sports model - This model is the high-volume and low-speed hybrid sports car.

Executive Vice President Takeshi Uchiyamada Toyota expects that conventional hybrid cars are still popular because they travel distance and cost. It also says that the version of the Prius plug-in over time are more likely than non-revenue version. The plug-in version also came in 2012 and will cost only $ 3,000 - $ 5,000 more than the current Prius.

Toyota introduced the Prius plug-ins with demonstration fleets around the world, including 163 plug-ins here in the United States.

With the Prius plug-in you can proceed your daily without the use of gasoline and you can get 475 miles on one tank of gas, depending on driving style and conditions. The plug-in is 3 hours with a catch of 120 V and 1.5 hours on a 240 volt outlet.

North America is the biggest market for hybrid cars, and sold some of the six hybrid Toyota models.

Stay tuned, as you see more than the Toyota hybrids on the road in the coming months, for the globe with a total of 20 models, when these five models are introduced in 2012.

Porsche Carrera 911 - 991

Porsche has officially a new addition to its family of iconic coupe, Porsche 911 (991) Carrera launched. It represents a new generation of the legendary Porsche Coupe widely known and praised for the market since its introduction in 1963.

The new Porsche 911 (991) comes from the power, elegance and sophistication of the Porsche 911 family The distinctive silhouette is still impacting the integration of new and interesting information that specifically describes a longer wheelbase 100 mm, more stability and more interior space, front and rear overhangs are shorter to keep the design compact attribute was 911 long, is The sporty look emphasized by the low roofline and a wider track front is enhanced by the road, even while increasing the dynamics of the suspension of fame.

The rear boxer engine is also a symbol of identity 911, and behind the rear axle of the new car has a nominal range of up to powerful engines, effective and impressive "Boxer". The 911 Carrera is powered by a new 3.4-liter engine, 350 hp, and the Carrera S has a 400 hp version of the popular 3.8-liter. The engines were a completely new engine, the upgraded offers significantly increased performance for both models. The 3.4-liter Carrera with PDK accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 4.6 seconds, 0.1 seconds faster than the predecessor model by pressing the Sport Chrono Package Plus Sport Coupe 4.4 seconds. The 3.8-liter Carrera S with PDK can range from 0 bis 62 mph speed in 4.3 seconds (4.1 seconds Sport Plus), 0.2SEC faster than its predecessor.

The new Porsche 911 Carrera is from 17 December 2011 is available, standard on all models, the leather interior, sport seats, automatic climate control, Bi-Xenon headlamps, color touch-screen seven-inch Porsche Communication Management with satellite navigation, universal audio interface, MP3, Porsche Stability Management (PSM) and offers a three-year warranty. The Carrera S adds 20-inch wheels, alloy wheels, Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) and Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) with a limited slip rear axle, plus the advantage of more than 3.8 liter engine.

All Porsche 911 with a vehicle tracking system (VTS) as standard, is a vehicle approved safety package Thatcham Category 5 standard and discerning Porsche offers customers the opportunity to explore the potential of your new car to explore, at an open air during the Porsche Centre Silverstone Experience.

E type Classic Jaguar Cars

Steve McQueen in the 1960's may have benefited from the bicycle, but his passion for classic Jaguar cars was undeniable. In particular, his love for the Jaguar E-Type in a relationship with this car and it is a part of his collection until his death. More recently, how many people know this car was very Mecum is offered at auction, and the sad thing is that the car does not sell because the reserve price was not met. We can assume that this car can be purchased at a later date, and is the owner of this car is incredible, so much fun as their original owners, he did it.

Jaguar E-Type was from the moment you first to the general public and the coach has certainly inspired many a big fan of buying motivated when they saw this vehicle fine. First presented at the Auto Show in Geneva in 1961, was originally intended as a substitute in Coventry, England Car Racer D-Type. An irrefutable fact is that after the first presentation of this car was an immediate success.

For the readers, the Jaguar E-Type is not good news as it comes in several versions available. Also known as "Series 1", Series 2 and Series "3". The collector is likely to be drawn on the "Series 1" version because of its rarity, and if you decide to sell the car, so that more money at auction or by agreement of the other versions. The value increase is directly due to the fact that very little was being used by this model produced by Jaguar. This sport Jaguar 3.8-liter 6-cylinder also has an independent suspension at the rear axle with coil springs.

The "Series 2" was produced from 1969 to 1971 and included a number of improvements. This Jaguar has a better cooling, better brakes, a redesigned interior, including seats, more comfortable and have air conditioning and power steering, which were installed at the factory.

The "Series 3" which was produced from 1971 to 1974 showed that potential buyers for a motor of more than 5.3 liters of unlimited power sports fans. Another important change includes power steering, as an integral part of the car. During this time a number of small 4.2-liter "Series 3" jaguars have and think they were and are the most valuable in this series of Jaguar.

The Jaguar E-Type has been consistently rated as one of the developers of the most beautiful cars of all time, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York this car even further with their support of his models in his collection of 1996 designs. Over the years, interest in various types of luxury cars have not, but this was not the case with the Jaguar. In fact, the beauty and uniqueness of this car again in 2008 by the Daily Telegraph, confirms the Jaguar E-Type is set at the top of the most beautiful cars in the world rankings.


Limousine side view

Limousine inside

Limousine back view

Limousine new released

Limousine on the run

Some of the people belong to limousines, usually by governments is one of leaders of major transport companies to transport executives, or by broadcasters to transport to customers. Most limousines, however, operate as vehicles provide color, competition for taxis. The term suggests a vehicle with another, performance, accuracy of the structure, which mediate the peace, ingenuity of design, technology or unique features, the brand image, the state condition or any other characteristic or a combination of optional features. Limousine is very popular, especially in spring when most social events are organized so that the Proms event. Limousines for this type of opportunity can help make the experience even be attributed to unique and impressive, what appear on the aura, to irradiate the saloons. Limousines are known for their elegance and luxury, look what the people about the quality and experience of the race to combine sedan, is known. This is probably one of the main reasons people are drawn to limousines whenever I saw a car.

Saloon car a few extra features.

1: Luxury car: the deadline for a vehicle that offers a comfort that is on strict necessity in exchange for a higher cost to the buyer.

2: Focus - Inside the sedan is the future of the maximum possible, to show the beauty. Automatically creates a pleasant atmosphere in the phase of limousines. Table of outdoor lighting, exclusive carpets or wooden floors, leather upholstery and differs from all the limousine luxury cars. He feels the noblest sense of the interior of sedans, which improves the travel experience.

3: Matrix of being - the matrices in a limo can be varied with the type and size of the sedan. Limousines are able to accommodate 8 to 20 or 24 people who depend on the easy adjustment. Leather seats and plenty of space inside a travel experience comfortable sedan.

4: Privacy and Security - Limousines are considered as vehicles with the highest level of security and confidentiality. You are welcome to take your travel experience, without any involvement. There is a wall of separation between the passenger compartment and the driver section. You can talk to the driver, using a microphone to the passengers in the sections.

5: Customization special - a few sedans on the needs of a particular function are designed. Limousine hire companies have their sedans, according to the specific needs of your prospects. Limousines for various special occasions such as weddings, parties, trips, bachelor or bachelorette, the transfer point within the city show, using an airport shuttle and business needs.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin on a ride

Aston Martin - side view

Aston Martin back view

Aston Martin dashboard

Aston Martin side view

With streets full of about 32 million cars, which was never necessary for a car, the attention is guaranteed design. This skill has been in the United Kingdom for the Aston Martin, the perfect evidence. The company, the iconic cars like the DB5 and the DB9 was created, said the best brand in the UK for the fifth time in six years. The poll also voted the company as the coolest brand of motor in British society.

The survey was conducted by a well known site that works primarily on leaders in innovation, style, originality and relevance to be found. More than 10,000 runners are in the survey, which was then in 1500 with the help of 36 judges registered revised.

The perception of cold Aston Martin DB5 began with the vehicle of choice for the secret agent James Bond film Goldfinger in the soft thunder and Goldeneye. The films have a relationship with the brand since then Mr. Bono, to go to the V8 Vantage and DBS in the latest movies. The original vehicle was specially modified for the film Goldfinger, with pop-out guns behind the front indicators, a shield ball behind the rear window and a triple front hub phone number is suppressed. The actual vehicle was sold at auction in 2010 for £ 2.6 million in car collector Harry Yeaggy.

Innovation must reach this success has been achieved, and the company now offers a fleet of vehicles of all kinds, and the prestige of leaching. Ranging from the challenging "Fast", DB9 and DBS, the cruelty of the powerful "Vantage".

The company has worked to his reputation with two new vehicles, "V12 Zagato", a 6-liter V12 produces 510 horsepower, and the beautiful "One-77", a limited production of 77 vehicles by the hand of each manufactured keep More should cost a million pounds, with a powerful 750 hp V12 engine. Frankfurt Motor Show, the company was a new vehicle, a surprising number of DBS to unveil carbon.

Aston Martin has recently penetrated into the small car market with the introduction of the "Cygnet". The four-seat sedan offers all the luxury you would expect with an Aston Martin, but small enough for the genius of the busy city streets. The cars were so popular, he says there is a long waiting list that the company is struggling to meet demand

New Porsche 911

New Porsche 911 front view

New Porsche 911 dashboard

New Porsche 911 exterior and interior

New Porsche 911 back view

Even from its humble beginnings of Porsche, the company has always looked different directions and some car manufacturers have renewed in the development and technological progress, there is something Porsche continues to this day. The company was originally created and established by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, an Austrian engineer, who was the car in 1931.

Ferdinand Porsche first years as an engineering design and consulting, which led him to create some of his most famous cars spent. In fact, he was responsible for creating the first hybrid vehicle (gasoline and electricity), the Volkswagen Beetle, also Mercedes-Benz SSK / SS, and the first of many Porsche cars carries his name, what would be the forerunner of the famous Porsche 356, 550 and 911 models. Ferdinand Porsche with the development of the first race car design-engine, rear-wheel drive is credited as the 1923 Benz "drop car".

Fast forward to today's date and Porsche continue to open new channels, while the change has the shape of the automotive world, particularly the market for luxury cars like Porsche just his new announced 911 that made its debut and begin production in 2012.

The new Porsche 911 (Porsche or refer to the Model 991) is initially in two versions "of the Carrera and Carrera S 'is available. The Porsche 911 remains the backbone of the company in the world of Porsche and success. There is also a very competitive model that has been involved in motorsports and racing synonymous since its founding in 1963, took part in races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans to drive (tested to the limit) functions such as Paris-Dakar Rally.

All about the Porsche 911 race is race proven and high, the 911 remains firmly in the footsteps of his predecessor, and his whole appearance. Although there is a new design, and not just a facelift, the body, the sages of all aesthetic and form a 911, but get the car, smart a pinch pleats. The new 911's are more elegant in appearance, with a slightly longer wheelbase and wider body, so that your broker-911 (Type 997), is urgently needed, the new car to give improved handling and stability as well.

The big news is under the hood, next to the new engine and new gearbox with Porsche's seven-course, which is the first opportunity, the production of sports cars. The new transmission is a typical "H-gate" design, seen in many race car is a unique addition to the time, especially since many other competitors to move on the handheld systems Spade focus control.

This new addition to the Porsche Stability is a car to beat, as he again raised the bar, and that competition in the mirror more than one will be centered.


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